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37x Publisher Analytics Dashboard

Real time session tracking

Maximise traffic to your higher performing content, increasing your yield and ROI.

By tracking detailed user session data, our real time analytics provides an accurate revenue per session for every article visited. Armed with this data, you can optimize your ad spend and maximise your ROI.

In depth insights

Our data offers an insane amount of metrics and filters, providing you with deep actionable data.

With the ability to filter by timeframes, sources, countries and devices, 37x allows you to easily identify and target high performing content.


Activate integrations to collect revenue breakdown data from your adserver and show detailed revenue, spend, impressions and clicks data from third party ad platforms.

Available integrations:

The Old Way

Do you still?...

  1. Log in to all ad networks.
  2. Collect Average CPM data (Often 4 - 8 hours delayed).
  3. Check DFP/ADX CPMs.
  4. Work out estimated CPM and revenue per session.
  5. Finally adjust traffic bids.

The New Way

Instead, get data in real time from 37x:

  • Query via our awesome dashboard.
  • Build tools around our well documented API.
  • Find your most profitable content, fast!

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Technical requirements: Adstack must include Prebid >= 1.0 header bidding & use Google Ad Manager adserver. Contact us for more details.