Essential Prebid.js analytics for publishers.

Optimize your advertising yield with clear insights from our detailed real-time user session data.


Real-time session tracking

Our platform is tailor-made for publishers. By tracking detailed user session data, our real-time information provides an accurate Revenue per Session for every article visited. Armed with this statistic, you can target your ad spend and optimize your yield in confidence.


Powerful querying interface

See aggregated statistics for multiple sites, or drill deeper into individual site session data with the ability to filter by timeframes, sources, countries and devices. Our easy-to-use tabbed interface allows you to save and share queries for maximum productivity.


Universal solution

Our analytics are available for any site running header bidding via Prebid.js. We also integrate with a number of proprietary header bidding wrappers. Integrating our tracker is as simple as pasting a script tag in any site you wish to track.


Invite the whole team

Ad ops managers, traffic buyers, content creators - invite the whole team to your organization with role based permissions.


Multi-organization sign in

Working with multiple teams? Use your personal account to join or create multiple organizations and switch quickly between dashboards.

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